Serving Northwest Indiana since 1908

Since 1908, MacLennan & Bain Insurance has been serving the insurance needs of the Northwest Indiana region. Four founding families began the agency that is known today as MacLennan & Bain Insurance. One of these founding members, Leslie Bain, paved the way for his son Ross Bain who continued to work for the agency until 1986. In 1938, Kenneth MacLennan began working at the firm and enjoyed a successful career until his retirement in 1989. His son, John MacLennan, came on board in 1960 working until retirement in 2023, and in 1985, his grandson Ross MacLennan joined the agency and has continued the family work. 

There was a five year period where the three of us worked together, which was very meaningful,” says Ross MacLennan.

Over the years, the business location of MacLennan & Bain Insurance has changed. The agency was located in Gary from 1908 until 1972 when they moved to Merrillville. In 2001, MacLennan & Bain relocated to Valparaiso in the iconic community center building of the Aberdeen business district.

Our Mission

MacLennan & Bain Insurance has seen dramatic shifts in the industry over the course of its century-old business. The business has adapted to those shifts and retooled to specialize in a particular niche in the market. 

MacLennan & Bain has an emphasis on serving the healthcare, legal, accounting, engineering, and architectural industries and the liability insurance needs of their professionals.

Although location and focus have been refined over the years, many things at MacLennan & Bain Insurance continue exactly the way it was over a century ago. Our values, built upon a tradition of commitment, hard work, conservative decisions, financial strength, and specialized care, remain the same as they did over 100 years ago. 

< Pictured from L to R:  John MacLennan, Ross Bain, Kenneth MacLennan